Safety Net

...But most companies do not innovate around safety or push for tougher safety standards; they merely comply with existing requirements. Because extra safety pushes prices up and can't be marketed, there's no point in investing in it until a tragedy requires you to do so...

...If anything, safety is downplayed as pre-flight instructions to airline passengers are now routinely presented in a comedy format. Safety is viewed as a "must have" but not a differentiator....

...The range of safety risks has expanded and consumers everywhere are trying new products and experiences they aren't familiar with. Marketers must do more to educate consumers about safe behaviors and not worry so much about putting them off. Consumers will appreciate their honesty.
The ugly truth is safety, until now, does not sell, says John in his essay. But neither did it an electric car ten years ago, nor a web standardised project.

Safety is implicit into a good design. And must be present, but invisible. At whatever price it costs. That means good design in our days.

Read Companies Need to Start Marketing Security to Customers by John A. Quelch, at

Play it safe.

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