"Russell asked (in a letter written to Frege in 1902), if the set of all sets that are not part of themselves (ie, that set that includes all those sets that are not included in themselves, such as" books ") is part of itself.
 The paradox is that if not part of itself, belongs to the type of sets that are not part of themselves and therefore part of himself. That is, will be part of itself only if no part of himself. "

This unnecessary verbiage described above exemplifies what the greengrocer lady, when I am located at the grocery store, tells me she knows as 'metadata'. I guess this composed word may sound familiar to you because the term is very fashionable in our days.

Besides I can take with me for the home a pair of lettuces from the grocery store, it let me have a brief and interesting exchange of words with the greengrocer lady. For some of us, this composed term is even up in the air you breathe. Thereof is made in the lettuce.

All the lettuces from the grocer's are not included in itself, but wrapped and delivered inside a plastic bag. Better if its made of recyclable paper. The bag, I mean.

Metadata is not bad in themselve, but rather the opposite. Metadata is needed.

Please two lettuces and a bunch of fresh parsley too. How much is it ? Thank you.
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