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These are par for the course in cyberspace, to be sure.

What is most concerning is that adversaries and opportunists—ranging from spies abroad to political aspirants at home—have learned to exploit the world’s interconnected communications technologies to sow fear, paranoia, and division among its people. Make no mistake: this is hacking, too.
Fortune reporter Robert Hackett at Data Sheet

News From Mars


Blogger ,this free weblog tool from Google, has revamped its entry page.

A revamping I find won-der-ful and less than excellent. This is pretty nice. Without a previous notice is even cooler than Jesus.

Second :

A quote this yours truly has found while reading
"You can't directly control where your thoughts drift. If you're controlling them, they're not drifting. But you can control them indirectly, by controlling what situations you let yourself get into. That has been the lesson for me: be careful what you let become critical to you. Try to get yourself into situations where the most urgent problems are ones you want think about."
from Paul Graham's essay The Top Idea in your Mind, circa 2010.

Still being the best digital botanist in this lonely planet. Copy.

Give Back Before You Get

"The web standards movement that began in 1998 was an attempt to make sense of what we now call front-end web development at a time when different browsers supported different proprietary technologies. (...)

We decided to label two W3C recommendations 'standards', and to demand that all browser and device makers correctly and fully support HTML and CSS (plus the newly standardised JavaScript) before adding support for proprietary features."
Jeffrey, speaking to Katy Cowan, on how the things were and how we lived , why we embraced a revolution, and why some of us fought for web standards.
And, while the heights of human knowledge and wisdom are now just a mouse click away, so are the depths of barbaric ignorance, racism, and misogyny.

Nearly twenty years ago. Still sailing.

Major Tom to Crowd Control

A quarter French, a quarter Hebrew, a quarter Spaniard and a quarter Hidden, this yours truly, one week older, celebrates the14th of July reading and listening among other anthems to "Le Chant Des Partisans".

Most of them were at a loss for an answer. What they knew, they did not want, what they wanted, they did not know, except, of course, more—more life, more love, more drugs, more celebrity, more happiness, more music.

Blue, White and Red. No special order. And today's summer day has been a rainy day here in this cell. It was unusual to see the rain in July until it happened. I still miss you grandmother. Happy 14th of July.

No country can preserve its political liberties unless its rulers know that their people preserve the spirit of resistance

Crowd Control., at Lapham's Quarterly

An excellent essay, written by Lewis H. himself, 

Doing Business Without Frontiers.

The web, a world wide system of communications between humans, becomes global de facto.
The Web is fundamentally designed to work for all people, whatever their hardware, software, language, culture, location, or physical or mental ability
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US and the Equality Act of 2010 in the UK encourage companies to ensure web accessibility. The web, in its principles has to be accessible from a social justice perspective as a person with or without a disability.

Digital Businesses and commerce require, more now than never, to strength their negotiation position, to be compliant with the laws. While these laws do not require compliance, there is the actual need of planning for future accessibility, even if your goods and services are considered to be “necessary amenities.” Business models offers gains and benefits.

At least, accessibility, including this concept a clear separation of presentation and content,  was too one of the principles that urged to the need for the use of XHTML documents, before your little doll surfed the web. We call them web standards. That's one of the reason why we abandoned flash web sites, remember? The last version of the Web Content Accesibility Guidelines is a recommendation ready to be used and implemented by you, since 2008.

Even if the IT and Legal teams at your company lack the expertise or bandwidth to handle the volume and complexity for web accessibility, it is time now to consider and have in mind that accessibility is a plus in your final digital product and service. I did it, and it worked well. Not just because I cared of our audience in the USA and the UK, from the basement at Segonquart Studio headquarters, but because the web removes barriers.

The Web removes barriers to communication and interaction that many people face in the physical world. The web is the medium your digital business  model or organization can offer a real benefit to all the persons, such as people using a slow Internet connection, people with "temporary disabilities" such as a broken arm, and people with changing abilities due to agin.

In case you want to become a full professional, and learn on accesibility, this link is a good place to start

Do not worry on #Brexit and embrace the web accessibility. Your clients will notice it. Hurry up.

A Sound of Different Drummers

One might have the feeling and the conscience that it worked well.

One who like this your truly servant who may have been involved, embedded, in the production methods or as the non-executive management of news, fictional news, or mass media consumption products, is aware, and though in a moment of crisis does her/his job pretty well.

And those precious moments of crises are too those special moments in the world of mass-media communication, one can not miss or miss long. They just happen once; once you have a new product to introduce.Where it was a smile, now there is a cry. Things have changed a lot in four years.

So special are those moments in this field, so that even it may exist a perverse mind whose operation saw powered by the results or objectives of a good advertising campaign, this perverse mind would be able to promote or to propose, thinking in business terms and always with the intention of to publicise a brand new product, something shocking, the idea is for users to communicate using images that were explicitly short-lived, something never seen before, that's real advertising, men, to show the everyday's  tragedy of our lives, that intelligence tent in eyeglasses who everybody knows it is probably subversive

The sadness caused by the sight of these facts, to know the death of our pet, of or our best loved. That sadness that even becomes terrible pain only with a personal mental exercise to imagine may be happening, a death exposed but through the happening of the other, and Live. "Stories" are viewed in chronological order, and each segment is accessible for 24 hours.

Never seen before, viral and shocking. Remarkable. Welcome to Amityville.

And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talking coming in. Perfectly rehearsed, with an impeccable script, where, sadly and  unfortunately, one of the actors do not know that the end of the Othello character play is as true as a life and a death itself. In reality, scientists place the autoignition temperature of paper anywhere from high 440 degrees Fahrenheit to some 30 degrees hotter. An emotional drive. They were ready for what happened, really.Things have changed a lot in four years.
"You're supposed to know when you have a proof," he said.
Inspired by the pleasant read of Dave Winer's short essay and plea Wake up: News doesn't work


Brands and branding have two traditional definitions, which are often confused:
  • A brand is the representation of the product: something that identifies it in a recognizable way. This could be a name, a logo, colors, writing style, or other media forms such as sound marks. 

  • A brand is the product’s reputation, which creates certain customer expectations about the product. In other words, once customers recognize the brand representation (definition #1), they also project specific attributes onto the product — maybe that it will be high quality, healthy, or allow them to be seen as trendy or fashionable.

Evolved definitions and the rehearsal of, visuals, tone and  your favourite brand, a story about pirates. Worth a read.

Brand is experience in the Digital Age, a short written essay by Kate, at Nielsen

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Coal Mines

Segonquart Studio 2016 on the sink
Imagery with Processing -- Segonquart Studio 2016

All unintellectual labour, all monotonous, dull labour, all labour that deals with dreadful things, and involves unpleasant conditions, must be done by machinery. Machinery must work for us in coal mines, and do all sanitary services, and be the stoker of steamers, and clean the streets, and run messages on wet days, and do anything that is tedious or distressing. At present machinery competes against man.

-- Oscar Wilde
Someone is playing with fire at Segonquart Studio HQ.

More soon.

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