A Sound of Different Drummers

One might have the feeling and the conscience that it worked well.

One who like this your truly servant who may have been involved, embedded, in the production methods or as the non-executive management of news, fictional news, or mass media consumption products, is aware, and though in a moment of crisis does her/his job pretty well.

And those precious moments of crises are too those special moments in the world of mass-media communication, one can not miss or miss long. They just happen once; once you have a new product to introduce.Where it was a smile, now there is a cry. Things have changed a lot in four years.

So special are those moments in this field, so that even it may exist a perverse mind whose operation saw powered by the results or objectives of a good advertising campaign, this perverse mind would be able to promote or to propose, thinking in business terms and always with the intention of to publicise a brand new product, something shocking, the idea is for users to communicate using images that were explicitly short-lived, something never seen before, that's real advertising, men, to show the everyday's  tragedy of our lives, that intelligence tent in eyeglasses who everybody knows it is probably subversive

The sadness caused by the sight of these facts, to know the death of our pet, of or our best loved. That sadness that even becomes terrible pain only with a personal mental exercise to imagine may be happening, a death exposed but through the happening of the other, and Live. "Stories" are viewed in chronological order, and each segment is accessible for 24 hours.

Never seen before, viral and shocking. Remarkable. Welcome to Amityville.

And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talking coming in. Perfectly rehearsed, with an impeccable script, where, sadly and  unfortunately, one of the actors do not know that the end of the Othello character play is as true as a life and a death itself. In reality, scientists place the autoignition temperature of paper anywhere from high 440 degrees Fahrenheit to some 30 degrees hotter. An emotional drive. They were ready for what happened, really.Things have changed a lot in four years.
"You're supposed to know when you have a proof," he said.
Inspired by the pleasant read of Dave Winer's short essay and plea Wake up: News doesn't work
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