Major Tom to Crowd Control

A quarter French, a quarter Hebrew, a quarter Spaniard and a quarter Hidden, this yours truly, one week older, celebrates the14th of July reading and listening among other anthems to "Le Chant Des Partisans".

Most of them were at a loss for an answer. What they knew, they did not want, what they wanted, they did not know, except, of course, more—more life, more love, more drugs, more celebrity, more happiness, more music.

Blue, White and Red. No special order. And today's summer day has been a rainy day here in this cell. It was unusual to see the rain in July until it happened. I still miss you grandmother. Happy 14th of July.

No country can preserve its political liberties unless its rulers know that their people preserve the spirit of resistance

Crowd Control., at Lapham's Quarterly

An excellent essay, written by Lewis H. himself, 
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