World Wide Wait

In 1994, modem speeds doubled, and the interminable rendering of images on the Web — once dubbed the World Wide Wait — greatly accelerated. PCs began to be sold with these faster modems built in.

To anyone looking for a simple, even crude explanation for the Web’s rise, this is it: the ability to view a reasonable facsimile of a naked woman in the privacy of your own home.

“That’s what came to drive a lot of the internet,” Alberti says. “P0rn.”

Minnesota once ruled the internet. The Internet Gopher then, text-only menu and gloss-less, institutional mien, couldn’t keep up.

 Tim Gihring speak of the tools we had and still  have, in his essay The rise and fall of the Gopher protocol

Time for a change. kids.  Obsolescence is the new Black. And I am not referring to facsimiles of naked men.

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