At A Prom

There is only one more week to enter the Web Marketing Association's 5th annual international MobileWebAward competition.

This award program is an opportunity for mobile developers to demonstrate their expertise in this growing medium. It recognizes the individual and team achievements of Web professionals all over the world who create and maintain outstanding responsive & mobile websites and mobile applications.
The MobileWebAwards deadline for entry is September 30, 2016. The entry form can be found here 

5th annual international MobileWebAward competition.
5th annual international MobileWebAward competition
Hurry up. Bring your best, get awarded, and go home with the prom queen.

Seven Angels

Seventh sensers don’t just see unused autos and drivers with some extra time on their hands. They envision what happens when those unused autos and drivers are connected to those in need of a ride.

Seventh sensers create communities--“gatelands” with borders--for which they serve as powerful gatekeepers. And they know how to design software that serves as a platform on which other things can be provided to those in the gateland.

How Can the Threat of Networks Be Reduced? an essay written by Mr. James L. Heskett, at Working Knowledge

The Music (R)Evolution

Orfium elegantly blends a full-featured music store, music social network, and licensing platform with a powerful back-end for rights management while also providing the most flexible and fair terms for artists. Orfium’s mission is to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in the digital age, and to provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience.

There's a new kids on the block, and they are called Orfium.

In search of the new technology of music, as every good software company does, Orfium is far from perfect and is being updated every day. This is how real things , you, me that neighbour work. Everyday living.

Dou you think Orfium is a s tech company? Nope, you're wrong. Think of Apple.

Apple changed the way we used tech on October 23, 2001. They focused on something other companies did not care off, something that makes us happiest, or sadddest, everyday. Something and that is floating everywhere. That something is called music. For those of us who were there that -- the Ipod -- was a (R)Evolution.

Why all those tech billionaries corps did not have that idea of computer device ?  Because a team of minds behind had the strange ability to foresee the future. And foreseen has nothing to do with tech. Later on, quoting Chris Messina's recent essay, Jobs revealed the iPhone and changed computing forever.

So, these new kids at Orphium have the idea of change in their minds. No massive engineering team, no billionaire investors, simply attention to detail and willingness to listen. They have the capability to see the unjustice of other platforms and they have built their own. They have future.

Enough. I am using Orphium every single week,  and you should do it, too.Take a seat. Put your earphones. Enjoy.

Trust In Me

Every software company interested in sticking around for the long term is investing in machine learning and other AI technologies that should help automate mundane tasks that we humans usually hire assistants to help us cope with.

The real question is not how long it will take for these capabilities to become useful, but rather how long will it take for us to trust them.
Quoted from an essay by Heather Clancy, in a terrific Monday mood. At Fortune, worth a read.

48 Hours

Mr. Philippe Bolland is a colleague.

I met him years ago, and we share knowledge, we may not agree in every aspect of and mutual intellectual respect.

This are what colleagues do and act for. We are both into this dot zero buzz and search for solutions to solve the need for these everyday living issues we humans have.

Philippe organises and runs 48 hours for Life .

Philippe brings initiatives like this live conference on Reflections of thinkers from different spiritual traditions, world views and philosophy.

Featured speakers, on Sat, Septembet 17th 2016 were
  • Antonio Betancourt. Director Office of Peace & Security Affairs, UPF International, Washington, D.C. 
  • Daniel Londoño. Theologian, director of the Global Programme Issuer Emisora Mariana
  • Julian Arturo Zapata. Muslim thinker, international analyst and co -founder Imam and Islamic Cultural Center . 
  • Jorge Ivan Bonilla. Political scientist, Public Affairs Coordinator of the Mormon Church
  • Mancilla Liliana Bautista. Professor at the CUN
You are still on time to take part and participe in this unique event, because of yes it's going on. 

In case you are not placed in Las Americas, Bogotá. Make haer your voice, online. Here.

2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

You can now submit your entries for the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards nomination season!
The annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

Psst!: They are a great opportunity to receive recognition, distinguish your brand, and reach a targeted cybersecurity audience.

The deadline for entering is December 31, 2016. NOW LIVE!

InterCommunity 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time.

 We will tap the power of the global Internet to bring our members together for conversations on the issues we all care deeply about – connecting the unconnected and increasing trust in the Internet.

We will tap the power of the global Internet to bring our members together for conversations on the issues we all care deeply about – connecting the unconnected and increasing trust in the Internet.

Grab the files on the issues we all care deeply about. here

This yours truly, Internet Society Member Number: 36154  – connecting the unconnected and increasing trust in the Internet.

What is This?

Due to a desire to have some format available for HTTP PATCHing JSON files, json-patch saw the light, specially to avoid the waste of bandwidth and processing time for large resources, like in occurs in ART, for example.

For this you have to know and be comfortable with the PATCH method. A JSON Patch document is a sequential list of operations to be applied to an object.
If you have a use case, problem or idea, please have a look through the issues list; if you can't find something that covers it, please submit a new issue, with as complete a description as possible.

 Concrete proposals for syntax and semantics are always best.

You may want to help this project by bringing your abilities in its correspondant GitHub repo or branch.

 As well says Kevin, there is no reason not to adopt the HTTP PATCH today.

As a Human Being

In-depth analytical work is the crucial first step in addressing gray-area problems. But it doesn’t dispel the gray. That only happens when someone steps forward and makes a decision, based on his or her judgment, as a manager and a human being, and bases this judgment on the long-standing, powerful ideas described in the book.

Resolve Your Toughest Work Problems with 5 Questions featured at HBS edu

On my list of desired and forthcoming readings. Now.

Quote: Excerpted from Managing in the Gray: Five Timeless Questions for Resolving Your Toughest Problems at Work. Copyright 2016 Joseph L. Badaracco. All rights reserved.

Both Responsive or Adaptive Websites

There is only one month left to enter the Web Marketing Association's 5th annual international MobileWebAwards. This award program will reward the best mobile development, both responsive or adaptive websites and mobile apps, in 96 different industries

The Web Marketing Association (WMA) is proud to present the fifth annual MobileWebAwards competition, which honors the advertising industry's best mobile websites, responsive websites and mobile apps.

See the benefits and get honoured. Your clientele and your sophisticated work does not deserve less than a nomination. And yours will be the buzz.

This your humble member of the Jury, highly recommends to take part and not to be afraid of greatness.

Your turn.

The Importance To Be Connected

When Watson was going to be playing live contestants, it could not be connected to the Internet. Therefore, the IBM team had to really have a very broad search on their data sources, and then be able to assess the different probabilities for the different answers and create a confidence score that would tell them how much confidence Watson had in the answer.

The importance to be connected, exposed in an interview titled Behind IBM's High-Risk Decision to Put Watson on 'Jeopardy' with  Professor Shih.

Featured in Working Knowledge. Worth a read.  
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