48 Hours

Mr. Philippe Bolland is a colleague.

I met him years ago, and we share knowledge, we may not agree in every aspect of and mutual intellectual respect.

This are what colleagues do and act for. We are both into this dot zero buzz and search for solutions to solve the need for these everyday living issues we humans have.

Philippe organises and runs 48 hours for Life .

Philippe brings initiatives like this live conference on Reflections of thinkers from different spiritual traditions, world views and philosophy.

Featured speakers, on Sat, Septembet 17th 2016 were
  • Antonio Betancourt. Director Office of Peace & Security Affairs, UPF International, Washington, D.C. 
  • Daniel Londoño. Theologian, director of the Global Programme Issuer Emisora Mariana
  • Julian Arturo Zapata. Muslim thinker, international analyst and co -founder Imam and Islamic Cultural Center . 
  • Jorge Ivan Bonilla. Political scientist, Public Affairs Coordinator of the Mormon Church
  • Mancilla Liliana Bautista. Professor at the CUN
You are still on time to take part and participe in this unique event, because of yes it's going on. 

In case you are not placed in Las Americas, Bogotá. Make haer your voice, online. Here.
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