The Music (R)Evolution

Orfium elegantly blends a full-featured music store, music social network, and licensing platform with a powerful back-end for rights management while also providing the most flexible and fair terms for artists. Orfium’s mission is to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in the digital age, and to provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience.

There's a new kids on the block, and they are called Orfium.

In search of the new technology of music, as every good software company does, Orfium is far from perfect and is being updated every day. This is how real things , you, me that neighbour work. Everyday living.

Dou you think Orfium is a s tech company? Nope, you're wrong. Think of Apple.

Apple changed the way we used tech on October 23, 2001. They focused on something other companies did not care off, something that makes us happiest, or sadddest, everyday. Something and that is floating everywhere. That something is called music. For those of us who were there that -- the Ipod -- was a (R)Evolution.

Why all those tech billionaries corps did not have that idea of computer device ?  Because a team of minds behind had the strange ability to foresee the future. And foreseen has nothing to do with tech. Later on, quoting Chris Messina's recent essay, Jobs revealed the iPhone and changed computing forever.

So, these new kids at Orphium have the idea of change in their minds. No massive engineering team, no billionaire investors, simply attention to detail and willingness to listen. They have the capability to see the unjustice of other platforms and they have built their own. They have future.

Enough. I am using Orphium every single week,  and you should do it, too.Take a seat. Put your earphones. Enjoy.

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