Developers should be banned to bring their laptops

New MacBook Pro is not a Laptop for Developers Anymore has been written. Which is very very good news, and a ten for Apple.

If you want to plan your career as a developer, you need to make some choices. And work with solid tools. The choice for a real computer, if you have ever been a Mac member is not a laptop but Mac ProCustomizotable, extensible, robust and, of course. more expensive to care and to maintain than a laptop. Same as your job is. A pro, a silent tower just sells at  for $3,999. Incredible.

In first step, take in consideration that developers are not a bunch of freaks who write code in a public park under the trees while feeding the ducks.

In second step, To develop is an art, a gem that requires more than the simple ability to write code.

For this, professionals know there is the need for a space, a studio if you prefer, a chair and a desk.

Once in there, a huge screen and a real computer for professionals who live for and by developing.

In third step, you do not keep the hard work, the code,your company's treasure, on a laptop. This attitude is done mostly by amateurs or freelancers. ( Everybody knows a freelancer is not a professional developer ). Public libraries were no meant to hold a collective bunch of freaks writing code inside its dependencies. Dreamers developing under a laptop or developing, using a public Wi-Fi. If this is the laptop case, dearest reader, the first rule of security is broken.

Every single person with a minimum of aesthetics, knows there is nothing that hurts more to the eye, than the fact to to see a kid, a man a woman, writing code on a laptop.

Laptops are instead, for journalists, for travellers, for professional people who needs access to the Internet and the social networks, laptops, are good to write "hi, let's make an appointment". No one keeps secrets - code - on a laptop. No one keeps branches, neither push nor commit to a central station through a personal laptop any more.

If you want to write code using a laptop, write code directly on the Github platform. Use a cloud system like OpenStack. Who needs RAM to code on and against servers?

Laptops are good, were good, at the following natural functions : to draw sketches or  prototypes, to read emails, to - sigh -- prepare keynotes. And to listen to music. If you want to impress your friends, plan a barbecue at home. They will like you more for this, than for writing code in public.

This is, in my humble opinion, some solid reasons why Apple, a company that knows perfectly how developers work and what developer needs,  is so clever to take a step further and make its Mac Book Pro not a laptop feasible for developers any more.

Another subtle lesson of tech etiquette brought to you by the company that once said: Hello PC.

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