Fun fun fun on the Autobahn

So: Uber-distrust is pan-European (“Countries including Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain have all at one time or other banned or curtailed the use of Uber.”— Vice News). And it’s fun to see European countries get upset about something with a German name. But when I read this I’m reminded of how much our understanding of the Internet, which is global (duh), is actually…local—even provincial.

What I wish I understood better is the “why”—Uber’s hypergrowth has become a kind of global cultural referendum on Internet laissez-faire, and each country, from China to Germany, and many cities as well, have their own reactions to that incursion. I want a spreadsheet of global Uber reaction, because I think that would teach me something about globalization, at a moment when I’m hungry for more globalization-related news.

is one of the products by the person who once was behind the build up of stumbleupon, the first ever social network before the ones we know today, if your memory serves you well.

is a small collection of places in our rounded globe; in one of these places from Europe you can taste the real french ommelette.

Sex and travel.

Via Track Changes

Update:  Adam Lashinsky, speaking on the matter, wishes us an uncomplicated day. at Fortune 
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