Living In The Slow Lane

Stop the music for a minute and think about that: Millions in US still living life in Internet slow lane.
Out of 102.2 million residential and business Internet connections, 22.4 million offered download speeds less than 10Mbps, with 5.8 million of those offering less than 3Mbp

An article by Jon Brodkin at Ars, exposes some interesting facts and statistics of the present mood in DSL connections in, er ehem , the first economy country of the western world, as featured in the study and report. Fixed Broadband Records annual report, excellently crafted by the FCC.

16 million households had packages with upload speeds less than 1Mbps. Another 27.2 million connections were between 1Mbps and 3Mbps, 30.1 million connections were between 3Mbps and 6Mbps, while 29 million were at least 6Mbps.

This is not bad at all, neither a will to criticize.

It is just a plus to advocate for accessibility and standards for the web. Now more than ever.
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