Bid Her Good Bye

TextWrangler is an all-purpose text and code editor for Mac OS X, based on the same award-winning technology as BBEdit, the leading professional HTML and text editor. 

Bare Bones is sunsetting TextWrangler, after all these plenty years. And they encourage anyone interested in TextWrangler to download and use BBEdit instead.

I met TextWrangler more than a decade ago which means a lot of years, seen the distance and the time elapsed. As much of us did, I felt in love with her logotype. It says a lot of things, a kind of farewell.

TextWrangler from BareBones

We look one each other and we became friends at a glance. TextWrangler helped me to meet my needs, to reach my goals, to achieve my timeliness and she helped me to be productive while pleasantly writing software. Or text.

Because we all know of software is written text. This is the reason what uniqueness fits for a project or a prototype. You can feel the hands and the mind that wrote the script, the objects, the bones.Feel them  just looking and reading that small piece of written software.

TextWrangler also helped me when I need or needed to upload via FTP, or SFTP a piece of text to the server. I must confess you that I learned to write software with TextWrangler, which may seem too lightweight for programmers.

She was of help, too, in a forensic exam, for a litigation process. "Look,  this has built done using a Bare Bones product". Period.

TextWrangler became one of my decisive and favourite tools, and she is not going to be updated, so you better change to BBEdit, manufactured in North Chelmsford, MA. You will have the same, exactly the same features your present toolbox contains. Not a miss but an improvement, wanting to assist his dearest and only friend.

Because of all our tools are important.

It's Time

The single biggest problem with UTC is that the decisions to add seconds are made by a committee a few months in advance of the change. And this results in time becoming unpredictable because it is never possible to know if we are dealing with a corrected or uncorrected time.
An approximation to correct measure, leap seconds an deltas in the net by Phillip Hallam-Baker, on Sat, 31 December 2016 21:32 UTC.
This would enable manufacturers to build devices with built in correction tables for a design life of one century which should meet everyone's needs.
Worth a read, at the IEFT Mail Archive. Quoted from  Predictable Internet Time.

News From The Fields

Why is Artificial Intelligence an ISOC matter?.

A question raised in the conversation on the topic for a draft policy paper developed on Artificial Intelligence which is high on the G20 agenda.

Internet Society [Member Number: 36154].
The goal of this paper is to explain a complex issue and also to offer a set of principles and recommendations to ensure AI services and products are developed and implemented in an ethical way. This is intended to be introductory and not an in-depth technical piece; ISOC is aiming to release it at the G20 Ministerial, later in April.
How much transparency may we get, do machines dream of electric sheep and all that current topics we as digitalized humans talk and care about.

There is a draft, a proposal on the AI subject, its  implications and how ethics may play a rule in the forthcoming future, or don't.

The current AI draft is available here in Box and is open for comments until 29 March: Here

If you wish to take part of this unique moment of democracy and human collaboration, if you have something to say about ; Please, read the draft and submit your comments to Carl Gahnberg and Ryan Polk

From this yours truly, Internet Society [Member Number: 36154].

Web Awards 2017


The 21st annual International WebAward Competition Call for Entry has begun. Adding an "award winner" to your profile starts with meeting the entry deadline. 31 05 2017

See you there!


An acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, and Environmental, which are the ingredients needed for your business cocktail receipt. Serve it chilled, not stirred.
Collecting the technical indicators, the attribution details, and applying PESTLE-type analysis to these situations is key to determining if your business can make an appropriate choice for mitigating impact of the attack, given the company’s goals, current condition, and business operations.
Rob (Kraus) explians the method and the measure for a succesful PESTLE flavour and taste in his essay entitled Here’s What Industry Experts Say About Making Threat Intelligence Actionable

There is a mutual agreement with most of the explained in the article, experience with stakeholders included, fragrances from an early past. Two scenarios; the atomic level and the holistic level. What do YOU know that might benefit  MY company. So we help one each other. Products and services.

Worth a read. Worth a taste at The Recorded Future Blog.  Fresh delivered in the bar. Before the desserts.

Lights, camera, action

Intelligence takes this process a stage further by interrogating data and information to tell a story (a forecast, for example) that can be used to inform decision making. Crucially, intelligence never answers a simple question, rather it paints a picture that can be used to help people answer much more complicated questions. (...) This intelligence doesn’t directly answer the question of whether you should be given the organ, but it does aid in their decision-making process.
Threat Data, Information, and Intelligence: What’s the Difference? a collection of common terms that now  belong to the process and tailored bussiness decisions, including design and concepts, as you allready know, by RFSID on March 8, 2017, via @RecordedFuture.

Threat Data, Information, and Intelligence: What’s the Difference?

Clear and concise, this yours truly still have his own reserves and disagrees ( theoreticals, of course) on the Big Data assertions meaning with this the importance of being buzz. Worth a read.

Semantics 2017

May I define semantics as the fine art of surfacing the waves of natural language and written software language.

Sematics, a technique that was -- when a student -- the foundation of my career. And here we go:  SEMANTiCS 2017 - The Linked Data Conference is the 13th International Conference on Semantic Systems. noticed from Sebastian Hellmann to the semantic attendants of the lip and sailors aboard like you and this yers truly. Open to participation and splitting the night in the following matters, Semantics 2017 Conference is focused on:

 Web Semantics, Linked (Open) Data & ( like those we make use when designing websites ) Corporate Knowledge Graphs ( like those we send to our clients interest as a sum) , Knowledge Integration and Language Technologies ( something we learned at school or sinking stones for profit), Data Quality Management ( which is know as SEO techniques et al) and Economics of Data, Data Services and Data Ecosystems ( which is known as a feasibility study for the project -- something you do mentally everyday).

Need more?

Interest for the conference are listed below, so you can scope your efforts and save time, by the dawn's early light.

Call to participate is open now, underneath the street lamps till dusk or till dawn , next May 17, 2017 (11:59 pm, Hawaii time).

Semantics 2017, A conference. September 14-17 2017. Amsterdam. Where the sailors all meet.

Apologies for cross-posting.


Probably the best browser. That foxy one who once made you love the web, reaches now it's 52, seems so glad to be here.

Instead of a semester update, a deviation of a monthly continuous deploy, FirefoxESR 52 has matured and evolved with the web techniques. Now offering new tools at your disposal, new abilities, killing jar plugins ( but Flash Player), all these solid aspects are built for our and for your daily experienced basis. Solid ascpects as live CSS edition, with grids, and columns and future hacks HTML5's complete integration et al. This is why events unnerve me.

Firefox 52 ESR
 CSS grids with Firefox's new inspector tool

Firefox ages 52 and is out  and trembling in the streets. For your kids. For you nephew. For developers, too. Fifty-two, Both, ESR ( Extended Support Release) and  that version.

Whom for wheels are turning, be a professional. Choose the fox.

Updated  10th March 2017 16:53 GTM + 1: Klaus Hartnegg has written an article of this very special 52, that may be of your interest. Here


Anyone who has ever been involved in running a business knows that an effective product or service does not guarantee success
So Dylan kindly wrote me and said, "Hey, Delfi, have a look at this Fueled Editorial!", which I gadly did, of course. Here it goes, briefly.

Fueled is about you and your needs. Their motto. Fueled is based in New York.

Idea+User Experience + Design + Bring Up Together

Closer to perfection . You have to explain how and what your client must expect. No hidden lies.Of course we all know about code and programming languages, it's our job to be up to day; but does the client has to know about them? I do not guess so. Not a serious studio or company will ever break a business conversation for an aspect of code. That's an inside, and insides belong to engineers.

An idea, how your customers will interact with this idea you love, what abut the design and the need for devices, and the final offer. Perfect. What you need to know is about website development for company succes.

There is a universally accepted fact in the business world: Proper branding is key to success.

Verizon or Barneys New York are brands that trust in Fueled

Reputation Is Vital

You have capricious behavior on the parts of opportunistic people, if there are no checks and balances to prevent them from behaving in that way. You might have the bureaucracy or government officials randomly changing rules without due process or checks and balances. You might have, in extreme circumstances, maximum economic instability. Or you might have political instability; you might have unrest in the streets.

Since we all agree Reputation and resilience are key ingredients that determine whether companies will survive tumultuous markets, not all the bad things occurs in developing economies.

One man may get atonished if he knows the facts that lies upon the bridge. Because reputations, your person, your brand, means what you are, the goods and eals your brand offers, the activity of a collection of human brains that work together to make this World, the best of the possible worlds.

Reputation is Vital to Survival in Turbulent Markets, an article written by Sean Silverthorne, featured in HBS this week.

After all these happens, resistance is futile.
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