Probably the best browser. That foxy one who once made you love the web, reaches now it's 52, seems so glad to be here.

Instead of a semester update, a deviation of a monthly continuous deploy, FirefoxESR 52 has matured and evolved with the web techniques. Now offering new tools at your disposal, new abilities, killing jar plugins ( but Flash Player), all these solid aspects are built for our and for your daily experienced basis. Solid ascpects as live CSS edition, with grids, and columns and future hacks HTML5's complete integration et al. This is why events unnerve me.

Firefox 52 ESR
 CSS grids with Firefox's new inspector tool

Firefox ages 52 and is out  and trembling in the streets. For your kids. For you nephew. For developers, too. Fifty-two, Both, ESR ( Extended Support Release) and  that version.

Whom for wheels are turning, be a professional. Choose the fox.

Updated  10th March 2017 16:53 GTM + 1: Klaus Hartnegg has written an article of this very special 52, that may be of your interest. Here

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