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Why is Artificial Intelligence an ISOC matter?.

A question raised in the conversation on the topic for a draft policy paper developed on Artificial Intelligence which is high on the G20 agenda.

Internet Society [Member Number: 36154].
The goal of this paper is to explain a complex issue and also to offer a set of principles and recommendations to ensure AI services and products are developed and implemented in an ethical way. This is intended to be introductory and not an in-depth technical piece; ISOC is aiming to release it at the G20 Ministerial, later in April.
How much transparency may we get, do machines dream of electric sheep and all that current topics we as digitalized humans talk and care about.

There is a draft, a proposal on the AI subject, its  implications and how ethics may play a rule in the forthcoming future, or don't.

The current AI draft is available here in Box and is open for comments until 29 March: Here

If you wish to take part of this unique moment of democracy and human collaboration, if you have something to say about ; Please, read the draft and submit your comments to Carl Gahnberg and Ryan Polk

From this yours truly, Internet Society [Member Number: 36154].
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