An acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, and Environmental, which are the ingredients needed for your business cocktail receipt. Serve it chilled, not stirred.
Collecting the technical indicators, the attribution details, and applying PESTLE-type analysis to these situations is key to determining if your business can make an appropriate choice for mitigating impact of the attack, given the company’s goals, current condition, and business operations.
Rob (Kraus) explians the method and the measure for a succesful PESTLE flavour and taste in his essay entitled Here’s What Industry Experts Say About Making Threat Intelligence Actionable

There is a mutual agreement with most of the explained in the article, experience with stakeholders included, fragrances from an early past. Two scenarios; the atomic level and the holistic level. What do YOU know that might benefit  MY company. So we help one each other. Products and services.

Worth a read. Worth a taste at The Recorded Future Blog.  Fresh delivered in the bar. Before the desserts.
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