Reputation Is Vital

You have capricious behavior on the parts of opportunistic people, if there are no checks and balances to prevent them from behaving in that way. You might have the bureaucracy or government officials randomly changing rules without due process or checks and balances. You might have, in extreme circumstances, maximum economic instability. Or you might have political instability; you might have unrest in the streets.

Since we all agree Reputation and resilience are key ingredients that determine whether companies will survive tumultuous markets, not all the bad things occurs in developing economies.

One man may get atonished if he knows the facts that lies upon the bridge. Because reputations, your person, your brand, means what you are, the goods and eals your brand offers, the activity of a collection of human brains that work together to make this World, the best of the possible worlds.

Reputation is Vital to Survival in Turbulent Markets, an article written by Sean Silverthorne, featured in HBS this week.

After all these happens, resistance is futile.
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