Microsoft Publishes Digital Geneva Convention Docs

Microsoft has published a trio of policy papers in support of a Digital Geneva Convention. Two of the documents describe rules for countries and technology companies to abide by in cyberspace; the third calls for establishing an international body to attribute malicious cyberattacks. In a blog post, Microsoft president and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, noted that while the G7 has "published a declaration recognizing the urgent need to establish international norms for responsible nation state behavior in cyberspace," voluntary norms do not go far enough. 
Smith, who spoke about a Digital Geneva Convention at the RSA Conference earlier this year, wrote, "We need to... pursue a legally binding framework that would codify rules for governments and thus help prevent extraordinary damage."
The software based company, the one that long time ago flourished your screen with a charming  electric blue colour, advances masked in this brand new century. MS is holding a vision,  Which make us aware because of is a serious proof that may confirm the Theory of the Evolution, and besides, is making an educated guess:  Rules for countries and technology companies to abide by in cyberspace.

Never is too late. Roger, Redmond. "You can always just cross your fingers, search the Web, and try again".

After reading my income email, via the SANS Institute 
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