An insider threat is a malicious hacker (also called a cracker or a black hat) who is an employee or officer of a business, institution, or agency. The term can also apply to an outside person who poses as an employee or officer by obtaining false credentials. The cracker obtains access to the computer systems or networks of the enterprise, and then conducts activities intended to cause harm to the enterprise.
What is an Insider threat, terms, references and all we need to know for the glorious summer by this sun of York, with same recommendations to prevent this nasty dwarfs who make the profit on the theft of information or corporate secrets; as you walk through the Internet.

You may not want to loose your wallet, if all your assets are digital. Which they are, in fact.

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Individual and Team achievements

 2017 WebAward
There is now only one week left to enter the Web Marketing Association's 2017 WebAward Competition.  The WebAwards recognizes the individual and team achievements of Web professionals all over the world who create and maintain outstanding Web sites. The Competition Web site is located at and the deadline for entry is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

18 Byte file, $14k bounty

I never felt comfortable using ImageMagick for desktop. Not under Ubuntu neither OSX. Really.

Not because of that, ehr, embrittled graphic user interface that most of the old open-source command software inherits. As if being open source means to be unpleasant.

Just because it was buggy. You had the feel it was buggy. Vulnerable.

Chris, feels the same. and does it technically in his analysis of the Yahoobleed :  A tricky vulnerability to spot because of the abstraction and also because this is a vulnerability caused by the absence of a necessary line of code, not the presence of a buggy line of code.

The ImageMagick Studio team did a great work back in 1999. But in our days there are no wizards, in a world of decreasing memory corruption and increasing sandboxing.

A world where  *bleed bugs provide a compelling option for easily stealing information from servers.

As that noble prized once sang, times are changing. Good bye, then , to the Ol' black magick. And it minds to me because of, in that old gone days,  before using c I was a fellow client of the yahoo email service.

And even in those prehistoric days, I never felt comfortable using ImageMagick.

ImageMagick was posted to Usenet's comp.archives group on August 1st, 1990.

Get yourself deepen on Yahoobleed  here, here and there

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The Good, The Bad. No Ugly

The Good

A kind public invitation for you to take part and visit the most celebrate meeting of the Infosec peepers community in Europe.Where hearts are entertaining June.

It does not mind you are a seller, a webmaster, a professor, or a thief. The brand new things brought and fresh delivered to you, by worldwide experts and professionals from the arena of applications, web services, care, analytics or services for you or your selected clientèle has a brunch in June.
As the annual meeting place for the industry, Infosecurity Europe brings together professionals from all around the globe and supports the community by providing opportunities to connect, be inspired, and learn how to overcome the latest security challenges.

Do your part to ensure that your organisation is prepared for future threats?. Sure you will kids.

Spread the word and invite your colleagues to join Infosecurity Europe in June as this yours truly does now - by sharing insight and lessons learned amongst the information security community, cyber defenders can protect against the threats of tomorrow.

An Initiative from Reed Exhibitions, with still a million things to say here.

The Bad

Server services and domains at Segonquart Studio will be out of reach for a week. Meeh.

Uh. No panic. Down for a while, old skool method. Tomorrow was another day.

No Ugly

One thing that i am certain of.

Great things happen when the World agrees

Some links of use, for this Warre of May, because of great things always happen, when we agree.

Design focused and for your pleasure only.

The Dublin Core metadata element set -- Part 1: Core elements” is now published.
ISO 15836-1:2017 establishes 15 core metadata elements for cross-domain resource description. These terms are part of a larger set of metadata vocabularies maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Translating UX Goals into Analytics Measurement Plans
Designers have often been told to focus on outcomes, not features, so that they solve the right problem instead of building the wrong thing.

A revised Candidate Recommendation of ActivityPub
The Social Web Working Group invites implementation of a revised Candidate Recommendation of "ActivityPub." ActivityPub allows websites a direct social connection to user software, including Follow, Like, Share, and Comment, without an intermediate social network provider.

A company that designs and manufactures exceptionally soft and comfortable children's sleep and loungewear.
RocketHub: What is your professional background?
Suzie Levett: I previously practiced Naturopathic medicine in a women's health and fertility clinic in Sydney.
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