Great things happen when the World agrees

Some links of use, for this Warre of May, because of great things always happen, when we agree.

Design focused and for your pleasure only.

The Dublin Core metadata element set -- Part 1: Core elements” is now published.
ISO 15836-1:2017 establishes 15 core metadata elements for cross-domain resource description. These terms are part of a larger set of metadata vocabularies maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Translating UX Goals into Analytics Measurement Plans
Designers have often been told to focus on outcomes, not features, so that they solve the right problem instead of building the wrong thing.

A revised Candidate Recommendation of ActivityPub
The Social Web Working Group invites implementation of a revised Candidate Recommendation of "ActivityPub." ActivityPub allows websites a direct social connection to user software, including Follow, Like, Share, and Comment, without an intermediate social network provider.

A company that designs and manufactures exceptionally soft and comfortable children's sleep and loungewear.
RocketHub: What is your professional background?
Suzie Levett: I previously practiced Naturopathic medicine in a women's health and fertility clinic in Sydney.
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