The Good, The Bad. No Ugly

The Good

A kind public invitation for you to take part and visit the most celebrate meeting of the Infosec peepers community in Europe.Where hearts are entertaining June.

It does not mind you are a seller, a webmaster, a professor, or a thief. The brand new things brought and fresh delivered to you, by worldwide experts and professionals from the arena of applications, web services, care, analytics or services for you or your selected clientèle has a brunch in June.
As the annual meeting place for the industry, Infosecurity Europe brings together professionals from all around the globe and supports the community by providing opportunities to connect, be inspired, and learn how to overcome the latest security challenges.

Do your part to ensure that your organisation is prepared for future threats?. Sure you will kids.

Spread the word and invite your colleagues to join Infosecurity Europe in June as this yours truly does now - by sharing insight and lessons learned amongst the information security community, cyber defenders can protect against the threats of tomorrow.

An Initiative from Reed Exhibitions, with still a million things to say here.

The Bad

Server services and domains at Segonquart Studio will be out of reach for a week. Meeh.

Uh. No panic. Down for a while, old skool method. Tomorrow was another day.

No Ugly

One thing that i am certain of.
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