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A working group of experts at the IETF, in concrete ART Area General Applications Working Group (appsawg) is enhancing and updating a protocol. An access protocol, using precise terms.

This access protocol is the one that defines the access to your calendar; the one we technical people know as CalDAV, an open-standard

 CalDAV is designed for implementation by any collaborative software, client or server, that needs to maintain, access or share collections of events.

CalDAV is a real barebone protocol in our days Any collaborative software means the ones you make use everyday without noticing, as transparent as phone calls. Thus includes tasks, reads, and events in your daytime ( calendars , chats, whatsapps, whatever).

Some examples of software that makes your professional life easier may be free personal mail like  MSOutlook, Apple Calendar for IOs, Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar et al.

The working proposal is featured in section 3.4 of the document. refers to some procedure in this collection of events

This specification defines an extension to the calendar access protocol (CalDAV) to allow attachments associated with iCalendar data to be stored and managed on the server.

Some problem this working group tries to solve are here exemplificated:   To add an attachment to an existing calendar object resource and the access for that event. What measures have to be implemented on the server to ensure the correct request allowing associated data? Which is the best method to ensure the security and wealth of the system and the solicitor after this request? What happens if a user --man or machine -- issues a POST method with attachments than can corrupt or damage the server or the data?

Brought to mind by the excellent work of Julian Reschke 

No distinction , not even required for that obsolete Mobile First development.  CalDAV acces protocol applies both to desktop and mobile devices. Another myth broken by this clean open-standards.

The rest, as always, is silence.
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