Saying ‘No’ is a UX Strategy Play

I never felt comfortable with the term "user", really.

Not when we are in a media like the web is. Indeed.

Indeed, there was a nice debate, in a niche of experts we met in a subscription list.

I guess the Web Marketing Association board, once, couple of years ago put the question over the question over the table. To find an answer, to solve a problem. t "What if we mean audience instead of users?"

The term audience fits better, like a hand in glove, like the term "people" when we design an strategy plan.

UX strategy plays range from providing regular usability testing, to introducing design studio workshops, to shifting the roadmap from a feature focus to a customer-problem focus.

delivered after reading Jared M. Spool's reflexions on playbooks.

Play it safe. No tricky timing.
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