Design is a crucial element

“Small changes, like a few extra pixels of padding or the tint of a button, can have large and unexpected repercussions,”
Segonquart Studio Designed Website: Nasty Mondays circa 2010
Hand Crafted Design nastymondys @Segonquart Studio circa 2010

Designing to encourage addictive behavior is a studied skill. We all knew it, sorry lads.

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Fix Your Wagon

Drupal has released an update for its content management system (CMS) to address several critical security issues. Drupal 8.3.7 includes fixes for three vulnerabilities. Drupal has also issued a security advisory for Drupal 7.x.
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And meanwhile, some hidden secrets from Segonquart Studio  In Motion, circa 2006
Posted by Segonquart Studio on Sunday, August 6, 2017


1.- A professional [designer]combines creative criteria with sound problem-solving strategy to create and implement effective communication design.

2.- A professional [designer] solves communication problems with effective and impactful information architecture.

3.- A professional [designer] conducts the necessary research and analysis to create sound communication design with clearly stated goals and objectives.

4.- Any self-promotion, advertising or publicity must not contain deliberate misstatements of competence, experience or professional capabilities..

5. -It must be fair both to client and other designers.
Business and ethical expectations which may -- and should -- be applicable to other fields of practice in our modern world. Becuase of when you solve problems, you act either as an architect, either as a designer.

Now there is the time we may need  to stablish a model of conduit for our digital age and assets, nothing better than the quoted from an ancient article and debate, circa 2004 at AIGA,  an authority on professionalism.

Number five looks hard in our age of selfies and vanity, but it charms me. Even at the peril of being hacked. Again.
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