Global Networked Information Environment

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of a new Technical Report,NISO TR-06-2017, Issues in Vocabulary Management determine the needs and requirements for extending the usability of the new bibliographic framework into the global networked information environment and to develop community consensus for a roadmap of activities needed in this space
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Via niso dot org, a place where content publishers, libraries, and software developers turn for information industry standards that allow them to work together.

You can't win if you don't enter

You may want to demonstrate to the world the effectiveness of your mobile development capabilities.
The Web Marketing Association is proud to present the sixth annual MobileWebAwards competition
6th annual MobileWebAwards Awards

The deadline for entering the 6th annual MobileWebAwards Awards is

Like Paintings

Web design is the creation of digital environments that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity.

If websites are architecture, why do we sell them like paintings?. Old gold from 2007. Via Jeffrey

Ps: Do not miss the list of wannabe commenters. ten years later, is priceless.

Index of Think

The W3C Thing Description (TD) is a central building block in a Web of Things (WoT) enabled system and can be considered as the entry point of a Thing (aka the index.html of the Thing).
The TD consists of semantic metadata for the Thing itself, a narrow-waist interaction model with WoT's Properties, Actions, and Events, a semantic schema to make data models machine-understandable, and features for Web Linking to express relations among Things.
Think on the Thing. Is just an index.

via Web of Things members

How to find a balance

The Web Marketing Association announces the winners of its 21th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development.

Entries in 96 industry categories were judged on design, copy writing, innovation, content, interactivity, navigation, and use of technology.

A complete list of the winning sites can be found at the WebAward Web site at

Congratulations to you winners who helped make this industry leading award program a success.

Let me express my gratitude to the WMA, overall for its excellent and sophisticated work behind, too, This yours truly, helping as an invited judge, behind the scenes.

See you in the forthcoming edition.

Wise Blood

Five ways data-driven marketing can transform your business into a machine that can leave the competition in the dust.

As i do, to define right goals and performance indicators, make better business decisions faster, so you will spend budget more profitably and, why not, your company will reach the excellence it deserves.

Via Adobe

Addenda, Uh, speaking about graphics and visuals, here you can see the idea number 64360 for the forthcoming winter. Vote.
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