Custom Built

Readers may have noticed I have not paid very much attention to the brand new gadgets Apple Inc has provide us after a year of hard work. Not a single written line about the event. Which is unusual in this, yours truly, writer

Reasons for this, on purpose oblivion, may be due to focus and efforts on different interests, at a level of personal professional interests speaking, over last months. Professional interests which differ from that ones animojis represents. Bureaucratic stuff besides all, too.

So here below, a few words.

Animojis do not represent a solid and conceivable reason to get a new phone. not even a big screen. I am not interested in screens neither sizes anymore. They are outdated. Too much nineties concept.

Straight now, I do not even wear an Apple Watch, even I love the idea and the design behind the device, and the code and software served. I still keep and wear a simple, silver stained pocket watch. Looking further to the timeline of life, sure I will get one, but not right now. Wearables will be, one day or another In a forthcoming near future, outdated by the power of IoT. Like CD Players. Still a nice approach.

However, due to some professionals activities of mine in the past, I would like to express some impressions of mine on the matter -- yes, it's not cool anymore to make a grammatical use the first pronoun person narrative in written blogs anymore. Sadly I am a first person re-teller -- and my perception in  the use of Apple's products

I was having a look at the show, once was published worldwide for the common people. The rest of us. There was a curiosity floating, not for  precise reason, but because of an article written by a once famous Apple devoted persona, who I personally know and from whom I have a lot of professional respect, that caught my attention. He is on advising and art direction these days. Years ago he was one of the coolest minds in design and web programming. And art direction is quite related to Apple more than anyother tech company. The rebel ones.

For this, I visioned the show, much more glamorous than other from competitors, and my impressions were a little poor. Except if you re a n investor and except for one thing:  he thing is that one can not agree more on the best momentum of the show, than the one John Gruber describes to us in his blog, which reads as follows:
Craig Federighi, demonstrating the new animoji feature by turning his face into an animated pile of poo: “If you were wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most advanced facial animation, now you know.”
This is the sign of times, and Apple is on the road. Do not blame on Apple for not being ahead of our needs, except if you get paid to writ such a things. It’ a simple question of humanity behaviour.
It is my personal impression, after visiting the show, Apple still cares about humans, not focusing on buyers, respecting them, and what's more important, not degrading our condition of human beings calling us "audience". Which is
pretty good.

But not, for the same reason I do not wear an Android phone, I am not buying a new gadget from Apple. You should, but to me, it's not the right option by now.

You should, but to me, it’s not the right option for my needs, by now. Except for the reason to test and work with the most advanced facial animation technology we ever have known, I find it missing  — and in this I also agree with Mr. Gruber —  , that little perfection for details that is hidden in every perfect work, beyond its natural updates.

But because of you are human, you should not give the back to the new Apple’s innovative products. They are pretty custom built to your needs, to what humanity would do.
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