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Central Plains Network for Digital Asset Management (CPN-DAM) was founded in October 2015. It has a regional focus encompassing Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma.
The network’s vision is to provide professional development, networking and collaborating opportunities for professionals involved or interested in digital asset management.
The network is open to all professionals from all backgrounds, including programmers, system administrators, librarians, digital humanities specialists and cultural heritage professionals.
To serve the regional focus as the leading educational and networking resource for professionals involved with or interested in digital asset management, as a mission, CPN-DAM has too an open and active community at Google+ that may be of your interest when stumbling.

Why? Simple. You may be a digital humanities specialist with a will to learn about preservation and classification of cultural heritage, read case studies of incorporating linked data controlled vocabularies in existing systems, know about case studies of linked data implementations, or case studies of using -- or Bibframe a conversion programs that apply the Library of Congress conversion specifications -- if you or your company are located to provide structured data on the Web.

Personal and public interests that may benefit from the advantages, case studies and practical professional development in all stages of digital asset management. All of them applied to design, business intelligence or business information, to name a few special cultural or technical profiles.

if you figure,as I do, that data is an asset, and management is a must, or if you wonder What is a digital project for businesses/corporations? , How are completed digital projects being marketed to increase traffic to them? there is a welcome hosts and attendants to its Practicing Digital Asset Management: Present and Future (2017)

A one, two-day conference this yours truly was kindly invited last year. A place where, as a professional of all backgrounds, I am kindly invited to attend this year's virtul conference.

 Moreover, this post is not sponsored, dude, there was just the noble intention to share my virtual location next on November 7th, 2017.

It seems that fortunately, Britons are welcome, too. Yum!.

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