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The Facebook has announced that it will release its popular open source React, Jest, Flow and Immutable.js projects under the MIT license, abandoning the Facebook BSD+Patents license for those projects.

Facebook re-licensing React.js is good news for all you, WordPress developers.

From my point of view, there is an understanding and couple of reasonable facts about the arguments and reasons why a company like Facebook, would still preserve its right on its own property, opening the code to third parties, which is still misunderstood as being open-sourced.

First, we all know what open-source means you take something from the community or from the earth (like water or wind) and you make use of it for your purposes. No reader of this blog, invented the first computer device, I guess. Open source enables a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process.

Secondly, you distribute the source code you have developed, through the proper powered distribution channels provided by the community such as repositories: distribution through embedded models in the same application< and third parties can and should inspect it and review it, with the proper tool. We do all agree with the transparency ethical attribute when working in code.

After investing you time, licensing the code, there is the notated open-sourced obligation to allow modifications and derived works, to must allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

Here comes trouble.

Derived works means giving free drinks around to your competitors, face it before you full your mouth with kind words. No one can assure quality in derived works. And quality is the essence of well-written software.

In the case your code is the root upon your company stands up  -- and some companies, like Facebook, have been building, writing and even litigating for code reasons unnecessarily, over the last decade -- licensing under heavy manners may be negative for you and all your team. Your society does not fill well into the open society and its enemies.
Negativeness solely based on the vision and added value you company holds. Do not misunderstood me, please. This is nothing against public wealth, but against the vision some mates like that Proudhon has on private property. A devastating vision product of a lunatic visionary who wrote in french language. And this vision impregnates the idea of open-source.

Interfaces, communication or integration, are built in our era mostly using CMS tools, no matter if they are open nor closed, neither free ( the last in the list is the term you wrongly associate with source).

For this purpose, the move The Facebook has done changing its license terms is good for the community. it means some other methods of revenue have to be found. and means that your social platform, maybe, just maybe, one day will no longer be free of use in terms of subscription.
React a Javascript library to build interfaces, now is open source.
Immutable, a functional tool, intended for functional programming, is also free of use, under the Apache License terms.
Community, it's time to work to make better these tools. No bugs, please.
because of it is my guess, most of these tools (libraries) were built having in mind processes The Facebook offers to its clients: voting, ad insertion, and other feauterettes, your business model may not need at all.
Widgets oriented to business of which your neutral and open code may not benefit from. Because of code is built and written with a single purpose in mind. As when using a tool you won-t be using the SQL language to write templates for webpages, nor Javscript with the single purpose to validate forms in the client side.


Even the infamous K. Marx showed a little respect and consideration for private property, and oriented aspects, if property does not means alienation. This is , your code belongs to me , so you are at my disposal. Shutting down platforms has been a normal activity in the last decade. No one writes code using the libraries provided by Nokia, Blackberry, either Opera Mini. Time spent with no profit returned. Freedom of trade, of a choice, presupposes property rights. Being materialists or Aristotelian if you rather prefer it, every man and woman is responsible of its own property, body and soul, which we all know it come inherited from our ancestors.
Now it is certainly easy to say to the single individual what Aristotle has already said: You have been begotten by your father and your mother; therefore in you the mating of two human beings – a species-act of human beings – has produced the human being.
You, your choice, your code is your child. Being you in the community  the ancestors won-t like you to fall down.
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