A note,  that may be of your interest., received today in my personal email. It's from a colleague, Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian.
For 21 years, the Internet Archive has been dedicated to a single mission: to give everyone access to all knowledge, forever. For free. Collect web pages? Why? Who would want to read a book on a screen? Why collect TV--isn’t it all garbage anyway?
Team at the Internet Archive, have the responsibility of a noble and respectful mission. To digitize books and music and television before they’re lost, to sustain the reliability of what’s on the Web. As a reader: How would you like to contribute?

This short post is not about colours, it does not mind if your favourite colour is the blue or is the red. Even the green, a mixture of gray and shade  This is not even an sponsored post. this is Now you have a mission, too. Contribute to keep the Internet Archive going in 2018.

The Internet Archive have plans, projects and a brighten future.

Donate. Imperative. Your time is just as important as a monetary contribution. Hurry up.

The Internet Archive is a California non-profit public benefit corporation that is tax-exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Tax ID Number 94-3242767.

Mail your donation to:
Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118


Scenarios are a versatile tool that teams can use throughout design to explore the unique needs and behaviour patterns of customers, identify solutions, draw stakeholders together to become active participants in a shared vision, and define elements of user testing.

via Shawn Henry. Remember that people are diverse.

Fix that injection, please

  1. All database interaction must be abstracted through stored procedures. 
  2. No stored procedure should have dynamic SQL unless there is no other option. 
  3. Applications should have no access to table or view objects unless required by dynamic SQL, which is allowed under rule #2. 
  4. All database calls should be parameterized instead of being inline dynamic SQL. 
  5. No user input should be trusted and thought of as safe; all user interactions are suspect. 
An excerpt from chapter nine of Securing SQL Server, author Denny Cherry, that might be of use in case you are trating with trasnsactional database (propiertary o not). Because of design, means architecture and understanding.

Via TechTarget

Being Judged

The Web Marketing Association announces the Call for Entries for the 16th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards.
The IAC Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising.
Judges will consist of a select group of Internet advertising professionals with an in-depth understanding of the current state-of-the-art in Web advertising.

Past competition judges have included top executives from leading corporations, institutions and media organizations such as Arc Worldwide, Brunner Digital, Campbell-Ewald, CNN, Deep Interactive Asia, Digitas, EuroRSCG 4D, Google, IBM Interactive, imc2, JWT, LeapFrog Interactive, Mass Transmit, McCann Worldgroup, Razorfish, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Tectis GmbH, TMP Worldwide, Universal McCann Interactive and Wunderman / Y&R.
If you're best work is ready to be judged, enter at today!. Web site is located at, and the deadline for entry is January 31, 2018..

Ad Formats, Social Media Campaign, Online ad, Email Campaign, Online newsletter, Website, Online video, Mobile applications,Integrated ad campaign are welcome.

See you in there, dearest judges.
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