Jingle Bell

Time to move from Broadband to Infrastructure.

Encouraging innovative internet-native business models rather than working to preserve an industry threatened by innovation is n obligation for all of us professionals of the web and the Internet.

The Roman roads built with electronic pavement are working pretty well, given that the cities can maintain complex infrastructure such as water systems and roads, all the Telecom companies have reached at this time the entertainment and the media business. Today's work is about providing services, not transportation.

In a near future, if not now, we all know robots will accomplish the needed work to maintain, to install or to repair our wires and/or radios. Design today goes further than a work to implement or draw a mechanical behaviour, done by mechanical entities with the help of little AI coded in the motherboard. Not kidding.

Define what is The Internet.
The Internet can do video because it doesn’t promise video so that it doesn’t have to reserve capacity.
Long time ago, the term broadband was used to define a fat pipe that the provider would use to sell services. If you do not remember a world connected at 56Kpbs, this classicla definition of broadband does not apply to you, neither to your siblings.

  AT&T was acquired by SBC (NYSE:SBC) and, in fact, they operate as SBC in all its aspects; as well as the latam-spaniard news agency GRUPO PRISA was 'bought' by PRISACOM ,a brand division that sells advertising, the bets paradigm of what the essence of the term.service refers.

Infrastructure is what favours services.
One reason that infrastructure creates opportunity is that it is free-to-use.
With the same principle applied to public services such as rail roads, no matter if rail-roads fails, except is there is a certain hidden purpose on that fail , innovation and equability comes in hand with opportunity, in that way the Internet is paved with its natural policies.
It’s difficult to have a conversation when we don’t have a shared understanding of the meaning of words. In the case of the transition from the telecommunications services to the Internet as infrastructure the change in meaning is at the heart of the shift.
There is a buzz in these dark ages we live in, were a real scandal in Bohemia is served in terms of solution as a missed mean. The scandal refers to the use of the term neutral. An oxymoron, speaking in tech.

So what now ? A solution to the issue what model os service do we the people want, lies in the dumb pipes paradigm. The problem is for broadband providers, because of the value is created outside of their network, how do they make money beyond providing a dumb pipe?

A simple solution to avoid an sterile debate and a usefulness legislation, is real simple, it comes from natural language, a semantic solution, and passes by adapting our terms, not our knowledge, to the real Internet-native scenario we live in. Carriers are no longer carrying a meaningful message and thus, makes trouble.
It’s the equivalent of saying “huh” and repeating the messages.
Security and privacy, other well know terms associated to the use we humans make of the Internet, are a provided service-solution, functioning more like attributes and not bare-bones. Even they're part of the buzz or twinkle your ears, do not worry about them.
Jingle Bell, originally and frequently still called The Internet.

We, the people need to make a reboot, we are urged to the need to understand and to make understand, that is time to move from the broadband to the infrastructure. It’s time to get down.

via Bob Frankston
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