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Influencers. you talk about influencers.

Classic times were never up-righted by influencers but by leaders. Except in general or in local elections times, when every vote counts to ensure a position, there is no such positive things a influencers in real life.

People who lead a consultancy team or people with the strange ability of a Ka to build trust on her, being solely few. To influence from one to another, a highly organized and sophisticated activity in our society, in classic times, a person should be an example. An example to follow up.

Most websites, online domains, user-friendly software and digital places of my youth have influenced myself and some billions of people.too. Blogger may be a clear example. Built upon its own mission, vision and values. Distinct from the others, but integrated. With some adverts, too. To advert there is the need of design, aural or visual design.

But influencers, people or places  may lead or covert highly organized and sophisticated criminal activities

To buy, for no reason., "advertising space or promoted news stories—fake and otherwise—on their platforms, covert influence has become the new money laundering".

Via Cortney Weinbaum
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