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ISACA’s white paper, Assessing IoT, examines the professional ethics involved in balancing these IoT considerations. When you consider the upsides and downsides of IoT, an entirely new governance dimension begins to compel your attention.
Most of you, right now, by now may be familiar with the concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT)".

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A list of links about trends, design,  web, computing all of that you may find of use. Have a nice week.

Design plagiarism
That’s why I like the phrase “design plagiarism”. Maybe you think Amadeo’s examples do constitute “copying”. But they’re not plagiarism. If you write an article, and then I write my own article about the same topic, that just means you were first. But if I copy your article and just change a few words, that’s plagiarism. There’s a big difference.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Imagine a Twitter where the limit wasn't expressed in the number of characters, but in the number of vertical pixels.

How To Be a Systems Thinker
We all think with metaphors of various sorts, and we use metaphors to deal with complexity, but the way human beings use computers and AI depends on their basic epistemologies—whether they’re accustomed to thinking in systemic terms, whether they’re mainly interested in quantitative issues, whether they’re used to using games of various sorts. .

DARPA Funding in AI-Assisted Cybersecurity
The new DARPA program is called CHESS (Computers and Humans Exploring Software Security),

Innovation Renaissance or Digital Dystopia?
Which brings me to an AI-embracing France. When I first heard about this, I must admit, I was impressed. After all, AI is the future. It will change business, society and life as we know it. Nothing will ever be the same. But, therein lies the issue. Does everything have to change? Does everything have to be digitally transformed?
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