In 2001, 17 leaders of what became the Agile movement met in Utah and produced what is now known as the Agile Manifesto

The Manifesto boiled down the essence of good software development practice. What we see is a strong influence of good design practice here, too. Everything in the Agile Manifesto applies to smartdesign.

Via Jared Spool.

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Unilateral license changes in new versions of software are possible because of international copyright law. Under current law, when a single organization (such as a company) or a small number of people hold the copyright, OR when a permissive license is used (such as the MIT, BSD, or Apache license), it's possible to easily release a later version of the software that provides fewer rights to its users.
Hacker Kurt Seifried about binding arbitrary licenses and the risks for common wreak.

Printed with permission of the  CWE Research Discussion 


This logic leads to serious questions of limitations of speech applied without any guidance - arbitrary.
Vint Cerf, commenting the following aspect "Social media cannot exist without the legal protections of Section 230", an excerpt from an article entitled "The consequences of indecency", ensuring that  the internet CEOs have not been asleep at the wheel.
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