The Age of Oblivion

"The difference between conventional film-making and open web collaboration lies in the building of a dynamic, real-time community. As digital tools empower everyone to create and share, the audience is no longer locked into the passive role of the recipient or consumer.

Filmmaker Tan Siok Siok discusses her documentary on the Forum:Blog.

Circa 2013, and external links may not work properly.

We are living the age of oblivion. Definition which is not a fake.

We Must Not Let It Be Undermined

By working together, we can ensure that the Internet keeps fulfilling its promise to enrich people’s lives. We have a big job ahead of us but we are a formidable force when we face the challenges together. Like the Internet, we are effective at working in a distributed way toward a common value for people. Let's continue to build on our positive momentum and make an even greater effect on the Internet in the years ahead.
A brave letter in the e.mail of this yours truly,  delivered by acolleague, the smart Mr. Andrew Sullivan, who as yo may already know, started 1 September to work as CEO of the Internet Society

My advice: Kill your curiosity, dearest reader of this blog. Read the rest of his welcoming letter, even if you are not a proud member of the ISOC, here

Because of, amongst other several reasons, We Must Not Let It Be Undermined.
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