Open collaborative efforts may be out-of-fashion, in these our darkest days we have to live.

(..) But there is another side to this question that needs to be realized. We are embarking on changes in our society that are as dramatic and even as traumatic as the industrial revolution. Such revolutions leave a path of social dislocation and uncertainty in their wake, and this information revolution is no exception.(...)
Not certainly an essay, neither an opinion on the steam design and comparisons between changes and past rev-olutions, but a must read by Geoff Houston, if you dare on Governance and the Internet, besides you are a member, as this yours truly, or you are not. Think global, speak local.

More on the diseases of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) , can be found here.


Let's Get Lost

May you be floating around South Europe, and will you wish to delight your senses. If so is true, this as follows goes for you.

One of my ever favourite artists had an exhibition, [ Yes!] made of some oils featured on canvases.

May one for sure be a gift you want to have for yourself for, say, to decorate that empty wall in your room.

Magdalena Esteve - Coreomanía
Coreomanía, by Magdalena Esteve

 Remember dearest reader: There is Philosophy even in Art.

"Life in especial is more than one half disenchanted beneath its tender eye"

If you are in the South of Europe, by the Mediterranean in these days, I beg you missed Coreomanía. One of the exhibitions of the year 2018 exposed wordlwide and introducing a year in work. Digital art production takes less than one year to be produced , as far as I know.

Canvases and drawings , art in itself, from the mind of one of my, and sure yours, ever favourite artist:  Mrs. Magdalena Esteve Ramírez

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