Let's Get Lost

May you be floating around South Europe, and will you like to delight your senses. If so, this goes for you.

One of my ever favourite artists has an exhibition, and there are some oils featured on canvases on it.Which sure one is a gift you want to have to decorate your room. There is philosophy even in Art.

Magdalena Esteve - Coreomanía
Coreomanía, by Magdalena Esteve

 "Life in especial is more than one half disenchanted beneath its tender eye"

If you are in the South of Europe, by the Mediterranean these days, I beg you to not miss Coreomanía. One of the exhibitions of the year wordlwide introducing a year in work. Digital art production takes less, I know.

Canvases and drawings by one of my ever favourite artists: Mrs. Magdalena Esteve Ramírez

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