Silence 2.0 Going Global

Just in the corporate e-mail, some news that caught my attention

Silence is one of the most active threat actors targeting the financial sector. Uh

Moving into the darkside, the confirmed damage from Silence's operations has increased fivefold.

If you care about your costumers:

Via OTX AlienVault. Just in case you dare of your wealth in the financial sector frame

Failure is Not An Option

This yours truly, under it's own Segonquart Studio undercover name, has received a kind invitation to attend one of the most exciting exhibitions and expert talks in the tech world, which take part next Winter in the Islands, at the ExCeL London Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL focusing on the personal role of a business interested person.

Choose, like I will,  which sponsors do you want to meet, follow the event and so, and if you like crumpies, huggies, toasts, and stouts, plus a friendly, safe and welcoming environment. we'lll meet us in there; with pleasure.

Say tah.

Out of Bounces

UPDATE: Segonquart's server will be down for some days, do not panic if your email is bounced.

A normal activity is expected to return in middle August.

This things occurs.

Meanwhile, you can reach this yours truly at the other email

Give A Meaning

Intelligent machines suffer from a fundamental inability to perceive or make use of context—the circumstances or information that surround and give meaning to the tasks they perform. Humans rely on prior knowledge and situational awareness gleaned from multiple sources of information to take theright actions at the right times, but machines see only the task directly in front of them.
An excerpt of an interesting essay,  Modernizing Cybersecurity Operations with Machine Intelligence, written by Mr. Peter Guerra and Mr. Paul Tamburello

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