What Are "End Users"?

Good news: The IAB , an acronym that means Inchart Board wanted to give a draft wider exposure to folks than just those on architecture-discuss; comment / feedback welcome

Thus, the end user of a protocol to manage routers is  not a router administrator; it is the people using the network that the router operates within.
The draft you may want to read, publishe by the IETF ( another acronym that means and refers to teh Internet Engineering Task Force is entitled : " The Internet is for End Users" , informal status, and the author is no othe rone, but Mark

Internet Engineering Task Force is, as you my dearest reader know,  an open standards organization, which develops and promotes voluntary Internet standards, in particular the standards that comprise the Internet protocol suite, covering topics of interest such as Internet Of Things, New Transport Technology, sec and privacy.et al Much of the daily work of the IETF is conducted on electronic mailing lists.

Comments are welcome. Your turn.
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