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A lot of organizations are looking for guidance and support as they implement their recovery plans, but there is a growing acceptance that recovery doesn’t mean getting back to how things were at the start of the year.

 It’s more about building a new foundation that can act as a springboard for future success in a new and still unknown operating environment.

via Andy Jordan, quoted from the PMI

Burning Down The House

Some evnts may take the consideration of importance. #REUTERSNEXT reaches and probably surpases this level. 

Featuring minds like Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank; Mike Wirth, Chief Executive Office, Chevron; Sandeep Mathrani, Chief Executive Office, WeWork; Kristin Peck, Chief Executive Office, Zoetis; N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Group, Jitse Groen, Chief Executive Office,, Sebastian Thrun, Founder, President & Executive Chairman, Udacity, Weijian Shan, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, PAG Group, Stephen Adler, Editor-in-chief, Reuters, Najwa Shihab, Newscaster & Anchor, Metro TV Indonesia.... Jan 11-14, 2021 seems a pretty good date to be sit in front of your desk, looking at the screen 

Congratulations ReuterEvents for this great event. intended  to examine the most critical global issues from different perspectives; 

E-see you there.

Look Back In A Flash

The Internet of the 2000s was a wild place, full of independent games, solely user interfaces, and plenty of loading animations that ranged from imaginative to upper silly.

Macromedia Flash, later Adobe Flash,  was the software underlying all these Internet and multimedia projects, giving birth to memes and ongoing phenomena like, say, Homestar Runner.

But with support for Flash Player ending this year, many of these digital creations were at risk of disappearing forever from the net and from the world not so wide web.

the Internet Archivenow offers in-browser Macromedia Flash emulation, allowing to preserve stones as Badger Badger Badger,Leekspin, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and hundreds of other cultural touchstones of that missed second wave of La Web. [2000-2010]. 

 Take a look at the original announcement.

Well behaved women do not make history.You may find hidden jewels, this yours truly placed on the wires back ago.


More than 8 years ago, I received a personl, private invitation to join Pinterest, the so-called social catalog.

FistBar! @Pinterest

Pinterest had then a shared knowledge principle. Mobile explosion was then in it's early stages. 

Pinterest was buil for the browser user. Once a frame is seen on the web, the profile add it to its own catalogue

The grid of images offered was, speaking in terms of UX/UI design  a truly new approach in visual communication. An approah has become, de standard to visuals for over a decade

To the youngstar readers of this, your, blog; my be of interest to know that Pinterest in the glorious year of 2012,was written and deployed  making use of no other but of the ancient HTML4 techniques.

Aside major anouncements as the launch of the iPhone app for Pinterest in March 2011; and Pinterest mobile in September 2011 for those non-iPhone users, a dismisable 10% of the market.

A catalog, "designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images" has to offer to us, the community, the consumers.

Mainly intended for social purposes, this yours truly has been making abuse and use, consuming, of this catalog to publish, to re-build a long time story gone, in a visual manner,

Today In Historry

“Development of the Internet grew largely out of government-sponsored research, development, and deployment programs. Building on research conducted by Paul Baran and Donald Davies, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA, during certain periods called ARPA) funded the development of a packet-switched network, the ARPANET, by industry and academia. It subsequently supported creation of the protocols used for interconnecting networks across the Internet. To further its goals of supporting research and educational infrastructure, NSF funded development of networks for research and educational uses and, in effect, laid the groundwork for today's Internet. The World Wide Web and browser technology currently used to navigate the Internet were devised by Timothy Berners-Lee at CERN and Marc Andreesen, then a student at the NSF-sponsored National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.”
as featued in the Executive Summary of the 1999 Report, via the International Telecommunication Union [ITU]

A Trace Of A Smile

This hash is publicly observable, but it is impossible to recover any information about the licence just by looking at it. Hence, no private information is publicly disclosed. At the same time, a person can send the digital copy of their driver’s licence via email to, for example, a bank as proof of identification to open an account. The receiving party can easily verify the authenticity of the file by computing its hash and comparing it with the one uploaded on the blockchain.

Via a brilliant millenial, better known as Mr. Andrea Canidio, written roughly, on the whereabouts of the State of Software Tracing Management


In surviving and recovering from a crisis, increasing close rates, the efficiency of a sales model, and its segment focus are strategic issues, not only sales management tasks. Consider: when commerce resumes, what’s the impact on your business from shortening selling cycles and accelerating time-to-cash by one week, two weeks, or more? If you don’t know, find out now and work to shorten ramp-up time and increase productivity in your sales team after the crisis.
Mr. Frank V. Cespedes warns you on prophecies and survivol, offering sort of smart endevours, via Working Knowledge

Why do you lock the door?

"We are all basically selfish, driven by fear of death and the hope of personal gain, he believed. All of us seek power over others, whether we realize this or not. If you don’t accept Hobbes’ picture of humanity, why do you lock the door when you leave your house? "

-- Nigel Wanburton, A Little History of Philosophy, one of those books for children that adults will probably read more, written circa 2012.

I like to receive special offers and updates about Yale books. Today I have subscribe myself, as a customer, to the YaleBooks Newsletter,

Mum’s Ukulele Group

While advertising has been around since forever, tracking people’s eyeballs on the Net so they can be advertised at all over the place has only been in fashion since around 2007.

Doc Searls, on teletransportings

The first in a series of four posts about privacy of some good product banned by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, SpaceX, Apple, Google, NASA, and many school districts.

Simon Pitt, on his own musing, also has something to say you may find of interest

Yours virtually

Chaptering The Island

The UK England's Internet Society Chapter, is chaired by Dr. Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond (B.Eng (Hons), M.S, Ph.D. also a runner of the GIH

ISOC UK England Chapter is working on the fields A Joint Call to World Leaders for a Secure and Trusted Digital Economy,Government response to the Regulatory proposals for consumer Internet of Things (IoT), Internet Consolidation: What Lies Beneath the Application Layer? and other matters about your ordinary digital life

This yours truly having two days ago nothing better to do, did apply to be  part of the ISOC UK Chapter, besides the sea, in this MMXX for and it's membership has been approved.

Blushed.See you at ISOC UK, pal

A Volunteer Appreciation

Delfi Ramirez. Volunteer Contribution to PMI (Project Maagmente Institute)

A certificate of appreciation for excellence was kindly delivered at the mailbox of ths your truly.

I have been a proud member of the Project Management Institutea US nonprofit professional organization for project management, since the early 2006.

A professional association for those of you who consider project, program or portfolio management their profession, through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research that celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2019.

Responsibility. Respect. Fairness. Honesty, are the core values of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

I am sort of blushed, scarlet faced,  to be honoured with a certificate and appreciation for a volunteer contribution, which, honestly,  it was a pleasure to do.

If you, dearest reader, accomplish these qualifications, and you want to become part of a vibrant global community, because of, maybe, you deal everyday with an ethical Decision-Making framework, why not take part as a member, ceryifcate holder, or volunteer?. Bussiness solutions, Store and books at your disposal, to help your audience and make growth your dreams. Few professionals organizations takes care and value of its members as PMI does.

Join us, following the link and making you favourite choice here

This is not a sponsored entry. Just a mumble to your ears for your career advancing steps. See you there, pal. Your turn,


Both Eyes, Please

Predictive Coding is an industry-specific term generally used to describe a technology-assisted review process involving the use of a machine-learning algorithm to distinguish relevant from non-relevant documents, based on a subject matter expert’s coding of a training set of documents. 

 A Working List of Predictive Coding Technologies, came into e-mail, gently delivered by the team at Complex Discovery, for an industry-specific term you may find of use. 

How is it "inspector" in French?

Telerik modern UI made easy for you and your family, owned by Progress, is behind the open-source tool  Fiddler and has updated it to its version to number five

Here is what's on now in of my screens.


Pretty good, nah?
Segonquart Studio 2QT home inspection

Fiddler  a free web debugging profiler, was a tool widely used by the community of web developers circa that moment Web 2,0. A movement then, years if not decades, far ago from now. Mostly used for .NET, Javascript or, errrgh ActionScript focused development. And it rocked.

Verson five, introduces us a new Get Started tab  -- yes there are still tabs in UI -- where you can find everything you need to get started with Fiddler in one place, is provided as it is in most of the common development tools GUI's like, say, Netbeans.

What else, pal? Working with your browser or with software that need an inspector, who's charm and efficient reporting, means you may want to make use of Fiddler.

Debugging with Fidddler, the book written by Mr. Eric Lawrence, the creator of Fiddler, is a must to read, by you, a one who call herself web developer. And you don't need more than 11 years of professional experience in software development to get started on.

An a side for the suspicious: This is not an sponsored post, nope, either a highly recommendation to you, dearest reader of this blog,  to give a try to this tool as I do. Ugh.

See you at the barricades, pal.

Discover What Matters

Customized content leaves no customer expectation unmet.

And it means developing customized content for every need and every screen, but not necessarily at the speed every customer demands.

A white paper entitled Intelligent content, incredible experiences. is ready for you too, to read and learn how AI can help you.

Via, the gentle team at Adobe; remarks featured in italic, by this your truly

Segonquart Studio's Desktop

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