How is it "inspector" in French?

Telerik modern UI made easy for you and your family, owned by Progress, is behind the open-source tool  Fiddler and has updated it to its version to number five

Here is what's on now in of my screens.


Pretty good, nah?
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Fiddler  a free web debugging profiler, was a tool widely used by the community of web developers circa that moment Web 2,0. A movement then, years if not decades, far ago from now. Mostly used for .NET, Javascript or, errrgh ActionScript focused development. And it rocked.

Verson five, introduces us a new Get Started tab  -- yes there are still tabs in UI -- where you can find everything you need to get started with Fiddler in one place, is provided as it is in most of the common development tools GUI's like, say, Netbeans.

What else, pal? Working with your browser or with software that need an inspector, who's charm and efficient reporting, means you may want to make use of Fiddler.

Debugging with Fidddler, the book written by Mr. Eric Lawrence, the creator of Fiddler, is a must to read, by you, a one who call herself web developer. And you don't need more than 11 years of professional experience in software development to get started on.

An a side for the suspicious: This is not an sponsored post, nope, either a highly recommendation to you, dearest reader of this blog,  to give a try to this tool as I do. Ugh.

See you at the barricades, pal.

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