More than 8 years ago, I received a personl, private invitation to join Pinterest, the so-called social catalog.

FistBar! @Pinterest

Pinterest had then a shared knowledge principle. Mobile explosion was then in it's early stages. 

Pinterest was buil for the browser user. Once a frame is seen on the web, the profile add it to its own catalogue

The grid of images offered was, speaking in terms of UX/UI design  a truly new approach in visual communication. An approah has become, de standard to visuals for over a decade

To the youngstar readers of this, your, blog; my be of interest to know that Pinterest in the glorious year of 2012,was written and deployed  making use of no other but of the ancient HTML4 techniques.

Aside major anouncements as the launch of the iPhone app for Pinterest in March 2011; and Pinterest mobile in September 2011 for those non-iPhone users, a dismisable 10% of the market.

A catalog, "designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images" has to offer to us, the community, the consumers.

Mainly intended for social purposes, this yours truly has been making abuse and use, consuming, of this catalog to publish, to re-build a long time story gone, in a visual manner,

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