Why do you lock the door?

"We are all basically selfish, driven by fear of death and the hope of personal gain, he believed. All of us seek power over others, whether we realize this or not. If you don’t accept Hobbes’ picture of humanity, why do you lock the door when you leave your house? "

-- Nigel Wanburton, A Little History of Philosophy, one of those books for children that adults will probably read more, written circa 2012.

I like to receive special offers and updates about Yale books. Today I have subscribe myself, as a customer, to the YaleBooks Newsletter,

Mum’s Ukulele Group

While advertising has been around since forever, tracking people’s eyeballs on the Net so they can be advertised at all over the place has only been in fashion since around 2007.

Doc Searls, on teletransportings

The first in a series of four posts about privacy of some good product banned by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, SpaceX, Apple, Google, NASA, and many school districts.

Simon Pitt, on his own musing, also has something to say you may find of interest

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