Look Back In A Flash

The Internet of the 2000s was a wild place, full of independent games, solely user interfaces, and plenty of loading animations that ranged from imaginative to upper silly.

Macromedia Flash, later Adobe Flash,  was the software underlying all these Internet and multimedia projects, giving birth to memes and ongoing phenomena like, say, Homestar Runner.

But with support for Flash Player ending this year, many of these digital creations were at risk of disappearing forever from the net and from the world not so wide web.

the Internet Archivenow offers in-browser Macromedia Flash emulation, allowing to preserve stones as Badger Badger Badger,Leekspin, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and hundreds of other cultural touchstones of that missed second wave of La Web. [2000-2010]. 

 Take a look at the original announcement.

Well behaved women do not make history.You may find hidden jewels, this yours truly placed on the wires back ago.
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